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Five Star Gourmet Quality Meals

The finest selection of organic meats, all natural poultry and wild caught fish

Delivered Directly To Your Home

Our courteous representatives will show up at your doorstep and help you pack your freezer if desired

Guaranteed For A Year In Your Freezer

Satisfaction guaranteed that you will not have any freezerburn or loss of flavor!

Key Benefits

  • Portion controlled individually packaged gourmet servings that are
  • Commercially vacuum sealed to prevent loss of flavor and freezer burn, that can be
  • Quickly defrosted in tap water to eliminate the need for a microwave, and to facilitate
  • Spur of the moment availability of ready to cook and even fully cooked gourmet meals
  • Allowing you and your dinner guest to enjoy a variety of food choices, with
  • No cooking skills required, making even the most novice cook look like a gourmet chef

What Others Say About Personal Gourmet

  • Since I have 3 kids who are all active in different sports, we are always pressed for time. Personal Gourmet's food items allow me to have dinner on the table in the matter of minutes, without having to compromise quality. The lemon chicken and the filet mignon kabobs are my daughter's favorites. My husband and I have yet to find a salmon filet at a restaurant that tastes better than Personal Gourmet's wild caught King Salmon. Thanks Personal Gourmet for making all our dinners a feast!
    Cindy S

    Cindy S, Newport Beach, CA

  • My family and I have been enjoying Personal Gourmet for the past 15 years. When the kids were little, we enjoyed the convenience of having a variety of options for dinner as they were picky and refused to eat what my wife and I wanted to eat. When they would bring their friends over, we always had some extra food on hand to accommodate even the hungriest eaters. Now that they are moved out, my wife and I enjoy the ability to still buy in bulk, without having to worry about the food going bad if we decide to eat out more. Personal Gourmet has been a life saver over and over throughout the years!
    Richard R

    Richard R., Anaheim Hills, CA

About Our Company

Personal Gourmet, Inc. was founded in 2001 due to a rising need for high quality home delivered portion controlled meals. As our product selection over the years grew to well over a hundred high quality items, our customer database grew past the 70,000 mark. As we continue to add more variety to our lineup, we keep expanding our clientele in all demographics. Young and old, novice cooks and gourmet chefs, stay at home moms and career driven dads are all enjoying our easy to prepare foods. We will come to you and show you how we can make your life easier. You will not only love the selection, but also the quality and convenience of having Personal Gourmet Foods in your freezer. Read More

How we compare

Quality 100%
Customer service 100%
Promptness 100%
Convenience 100%
Price 100%
Variety 100%

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